Which Superfoods Are Best For Teenagers

Whether it’s moods😣, skin breakouts, or crashing anxiety, you can support your teens through these transitional years with targeted Superfood nutrition!


There are some epic hormonal changes going on through the teenage years⚡. Maca nourishes the pituitary (our master gland) to stimulate the body to produce hormones at the correct levels for both boys and girls. This can reduce fluctuations that cause symptoms like moodiness, PMS, cramps and breakouts.

Anxious or stressed? Maca is associated with lowering stress hormones. Start a daily serving a few weeks before exams📝!


Nightmare periods? Several studies have found Turmeric to help with negative menstrual symptoms including cramps and mood swings.

For red, flaky, itchy skin and scalp, Turmeric can calm the body’s overreaction to triggers and support the regeneration of skin cells☀️.

Curcumin - the powerful compound found in Turmeric - has been found to support immune function, which is a big bonus for school-goers.

Overwhelmed? Studies show that curcumin helps reduce the feelings of being overwhelmed, help motivation and a positive mindset. Plus, curcumin has been linked to increased learning ability. Oh, and it also helps with headaches💆. Winner!


The high content of easily absorbed protein in our Spirulina is perfect for growing minds and bodies. Iron and B Vitamins are also needed for new cells and boosting energy levels 🏄. This means it’s also the perfect Superfood for sporty kids!

Coughs and colds? 😷 Organic Burst Spirulina is densely packed with nutrients to support the immune system including Vitamins B6, B12 and iron.


This Superfood has powerful detoxification properties and is proven to remove various environmental toxins, heavy metals and hormone disruptors (from plastics, perfumes, pesticides) from the body 💚.

As well as protecting your teen from hormone disrupting toxins, Chlorella can also effectively clear excess hormones from the gut. This stops them from re-entering the bloodstream and causing a host of negative symptoms.

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