Which Maca Should I Choose?

We get asked this question heaps, so here are the facts!

☝️Firstly, neither of these options are raw.

Maca is indigestible as a raw food, making the nutrients and benefits inaccessible, so don’t go down the raw route with Maca.⠀

Gelatinization is a process of boiling Maca roots in a factory to breakdown starches and remove its taste. Sub-optimal growing conditions, poor preparation and blending are the cause of a bitter flavour in Maca products, so gelatinization disguises this.⠀

Gelatinization destroys heat-sensitive nutrients such as glucosinolates. These special compounds (also found in broccoli and kale – which should only be cooked lightly) are linked to Maca’s hormone balancing benefits.⠀

Organic Burst Maca is grown and prepared with minimal processing according to Peruvian Tradition, so you get the ultimate benefits💯!⠀

Maca must be grown at high altitudes to develop its incredible adaptogenic benefits – just think a plant that can thrive where few others survive is packed with nutrition to give you strength. Ours is grown in the Huancavelica region of Peruvian Andes – 4,500 metres above sea level (14,764 ft).⠀

We work directly with an amazing cooperative of indigenous Maca family farmers who make phenomenal Maca.

Here are the highlights of how it’s made:

  • 1️⃣ Sun dried for 10 days
  • 2️⃣ Fermented in special solar tents where its starches get pre-digested (and develop yummy malty caramel notes). Amazing!
  • 3️⃣ Washed and heated to destroy any bacteria
  • 4️⃣ Milled into a fine powder

    How to have your tasty Maca:

    The locals in Peru love to add their milled Maca powder into drinks like juices and milk, porridge or quinoa pudding. Seriously try this!⠀

    We continuously hear about the powerful effects of our Maca and its great taste. Bursters love to add it their to baking (like banana bread, muffins, energy balls), chia puddings and smoothies (try our Maca Halva Smoothie over on our wellness hub!)

    If you prefer no taste or an easy option, go for our pure Maca capsules. Simple!

    👉 Get your traditional Peruvian Maca now!

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