When To Take These Superfoods For Hormonal Balance?

Menstrual symptoms? Stress? Moodiness? Breakouts? We’ve combined our 4 most popular Bursts for hormone-related symptoms into our Hormonal Balance Bundle.⁠ Here’s how to take the bundle for maximum effect:⁠


This powerful adaptogenic root nourishes the pituitary gland (our master gland) to stimulate our bodies to produce hormones at the correct levels. This includes sex hormones, so it’s fantastic for menstrual symptoms, as well as stress hormones, that can rise thanks to life pressures and coffee intake.⁠

  • Maca is best absorbed with food, have 1 serving with breakfast to set you up for a balanced and less stressy day!⁠


Contains an active compound called curcumin that has been found to reduce the negative symptoms of menstrual cycles including mood swings and cramps. Its high antioxidant levels can support the liver in clearing excess estrogen and help to switch off the over-reaction of the immune system that can cause menstrual and thyroid issues.⁠

  • Take this calming root in the middle of your working day - 1 serving on an empty stomach before lunch for best absorption.⁠


When our bodies frequently produce high levels of insulin (after eating, especially with fast carbs and sugars) we can’t make enough of our other important hormones, causing huge disruption to our natural balance. Cinnamon has been proven to reduce sugar levels in the blood after eating, triggering less insulin production.🙌⁠

  • Have 1 serving with (or straight after) any large meals, especially containing pasta, bread, jacket potato, rice or desserts!⁠


By supporting the body’s detoxification organs, Chlorella helps to draw toxins and excess hormones out of the body and eliminate them. This prevents them being reabsorbed into the bloodstream and causing an epic hormonal mess!⁠

  • Take 1 serving before bed to support the liver’s overnight activity.⁠

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