When To Take Superfoods For Clearing Skin

Breakouts? Redness? Skin irritations? We’ve combined our 4 most popular Bursts for clearing the skin into our Clear Skin bundle.⁠ Here are some tips to take the Bursts:⁠

  • Chlorella – Breakouts and redness can be from a build-up of toxins. Before bed, have Chlorella in a glass of water with lemon to support your body’s overnight detoxification processes.⁠

    In a study where Chlorella was added to face cream, it increased skin elasticity, moisture content and significantly decreased the depth of wrinkles – apply a paste of 1 tsp Chlorella with 1tbsp aloe vera gel, leave for 15mins then rinse with warm water.⁠

    ✨ Take an extra daily serving after alcohol.⁠ 
  • Turmeric - Redness and inflammation can be worse in the mornings, so take your powerful Turmeric first thing. Studies have found Turmeric to significantly calm down the body’s over-reaction to triggers and reduce skin irritation and redness.⁠

    Stir 1tsp into a glass of plant mylk with a dash of maple syrup, or take x4 veggie capsules. 💎 Our heirloom Sri Lankan Turmeric contains up to 3.4 times more curcumin than the industry average, to give you even better effects, faster!⁠

    ✨Take an extra daily serving if you have a flare up.⁠
  • Acai – At the end of a busy day, when your skin has been exposed to ageing UV rays, busy roads and computer screens, Acai is perfect to replenish antioxidants and omega fats to combat free-radical damage.

    Try after dinner in a Chia pudding, or have x4 veggie caps. Our Acai is raw and freeze-dried for a greater concentration of antioxidants (unlike the frozen Acai packs that tend to have a high water content).⁠

    ✨Squeeze in an extra serving after a day in the sunshine.
  • Maca – Boost the benefits and help easy digestion and absorption with 1-2 servings of Maca at breakfast. It’s amazing for normalising hormonal imbalance that often causes breakouts; simply stir into fibre-rich granola, a smoothie, or take the caps.⁠

    ✨ For premenstrual breakouts, have an extra daily serving in the 2 weeks before your period.

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