Top Hacks For Beating Bloating

We’re constantly researching this issue to help you guys. So, here are our top hacks:⁠

Ginger with meals

  • Ginger is famous for soothing digestion. It’s been proven in studies to both stimulate the stomach and to significantly improve bloating.

Chlorella at bedtime

  • Chlorella supports the liver and bowel in eliminating toxins, it also helps to balance the good bacteria in the gut for more effective absorption of nutrients and ‘better’ stools! This prevents food and toxins hanging around too long in the gut creating gas.
    • Take 1-2 servings of our Chlorella at bedtime.

Food Combining

  • Food combining can ease the load on your digestive system, helping food to break down effectively – not sit around in the gut too long, fermenting and causing bloating. The principle is to eat starchy foods separately from protein foods and to eat fruit (that’s quicker to digest) on an empty stomach.
    • Look up Paul Pitchford’s food combining chart for more help.⁠

Reduce stress

  • Stressful situations trigger our fight or flight response. This is a protective mechanism that switches off digestion and directs energy to muscles (to escape danger) instead. Try some deep breaths when overwhelmed!⁠

Wheatgrass each morning

    • Wheatgrass helps to easy bowel movements, since ours is the powdered whole leaf (not dried juice) retaining all the precious fibre. This helps to eliminate gas-forming waste and toxins.
      • Take 1 serving of our Wheatgrass each morning.⁠

    Choose pulses wisely

    • Pulses, beans and lentils are notoriously gassy, but you can minimise this by choosing traditional dal recipes that involve soaking and cooking with spices including Turmeric, Ginger and cumin that minimise the bloat.⁠

    Avoid your trigger foods

    • Trigger foods are those you suspect might be setting off your symptoms. Use a food diary to detect them, then try eliminating for 2 weeks, logging any changes in symptoms.⁠

    ⚠️ Bloating can sometimes be a sign of inflammation or bowel obstruction. If you have concerns about bloating (such as associated pain) we recommend seeking the advice of your healthcare practitioner.⁠

    Get your Ginger, Chlorella and Wheatgrass now!

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