Top Collagen Boosting Foods

If plump 🍑 supple skin is what you dream of, optimising your body’s natural collagen levels is the key.

Collagen gives our skin structure, elasticity and ‘bounce’ 🏐, and sadly it dwindles as we age😞. It is a protein molecule made up of amino acids, predominantly glycine and proline. Our body makes collagen through a series of reactions 💥 that use enzymes, and the vital nutrient needed for these specific enzymes is Vitamin C, plus some zinc and copper.⁠


Consisting of 70% easily absorbed protein, this awesome algae provides the essential amino acids (including glycine and proline) to really help boost your collagen. It is also a good source of copper. Win!⁠


We don’t need another excuse to eat these yummo berries🍓, but the Vitamin C content is through the roof, this means they help your body make the enzymes needed to produce collagen. They also contain an antioxidant called ellagic acid that can protect against the breakdown of collagen.


If you haven’t already heard of this delicious fruit, it comes from the majestic Baobab trees in Southern Africa🌍. The velvety pods are filled with a citrusy, tangy powder that’s rich in Vitamin C, prebiotic fibre and enzymes making it super easy to digest.⁠ You can stir 1tsp into your water.⁠

Pumpkin Seeds

These are a phenomenal source of zinc, and so easy to get into your diet as a snack, ingredient in pesto, or a topping on both sweet and savoury dishes. ⁠


Not sure if your loved ones will approve😆, but ramping up your garlic intake can boost your skin! It’s packed with sulphur that helps cells make collagen.⁠


Along with other leafy green veg💚, this is another stellar source of Vitamin C to help make those magic collagen-building enzymes! Remember to cook gently, i.e. steam quickly in a little water, so the Vit C doesn’t leach out.⁠

  • Aim to eat 1-2 servings of each of these awesome natural foods daily for a super-skin boost (amazing for your joints too)!⁠

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