Tired Of Bloating And Indigestion After Meals? Here’s How Ginger Can Help!

A big, bloated belly after eating is often accompanied by cramping, irritation in the gut, and water retention. This can be a sign of a sluggish digestive system that’s not moving food along at the right pace.⁠

Ginger is proven to stimulate the stomach, for quicker, easier digestion! A study published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology (2011) found that x3 Ginger capsules on an empty stomach, 1 hr before eating resulted in better stomach contractions and the participants’ stomachs emptied almost 25% faster than those taking a placebo.⁠

In another study, researchers monitored the effect of 2g (=5 of our capsules) Ginger daily on symptoms including bloating, stomach cramps and upsets, along with markers for oxidative stress (a sign of inflammation in the gut).⁠

They found significant improvements in severity of the digestive symptoms and reduction in oxidative stress after 12 weeks. The study even concluded that Ginger had significantly increased patients’ quality of life (Complementary Therapies in Medicine, 2019).⁠

Using Ginger for smooth digestion helps us absorb nutrients and also to eliminate waste and toxins, that would cause gas, fluid and inflammation in the bowel if they stuck around too long.⁠

Remember, not all Ginger is created equal:⁠

  • Ours is grown organically by small-scale family farmers in Sri Lanka where the perfect combination of heat, sunlight, rainfall and humidity grows the best Ginger! ⁠
  • Regular Ginger, sourced from industrial countries such as India, Nigeria and China, may be contaminated with heavy metals, fungi and bacteria.⁠

How to & other helpers:⁠

  • Have 1 serving (4 capsules) Organic Burst Ginger with, or up to 1 hour before, main meals.⁠
  • Eat raw and bitter foods at the beginning of your meal to stimulate your stomach further – go for an arugula (rocket) salad with lemon juice, olives, mint, kale or grapefruit.⁠
  • Boost the effects with some of our other synergistic Bursts – Wheatgrass and Chlorella are both brilliant with digestion and relieving bloating.

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