Sore Throat? Try This Timeless Ayurveda-Inspired Remedy

Add 1/2 teaspoon each of Turmeric and sea salt to a small glass of warm water and gargle.

Used as a remedy before modern medicine even existed, gargling with warm salt water and Turmeric really works, and it’s proven by science 🤓⁠.

The salty water draws fluid, mucus, and the pathogens (bacteria or viral organisms), causing the infection, out of tissue at the back of the throat. How? Simple osmosis - yes, like your learned at school!⁠

If the throat is infected, our immune system kicks in, sending blood packed with immune cells to the area, causing inflammation (redness, swelling and pain).⁠

Using this awesome gargle can relieve soreness by bringing down some of the swelling, it also creates a barrier to prevent more bacteria or viral organisms attaching to tissue. By gargling this way when you feel soreness or discomfort you can help catch it at an early stage.

Turmeric is incredible for quickly calming down the body’s response when there is a lot of pain and swelling. It also has antimicrobial properties, and multiple studies have found curcumin (an active compound in Turmeric) to support immune function. One review stated that “curcumin as a plant derivative has a wide range of antiviral activity” (Biomed Research International, 2014).⁠

Organic Burst Turmeric is an heirloom Sri Lankan variety, it contains very high levels of curcumin – up to 5.1%, which is 3.4 times more than the industry average.⁠

How to:⁠

  • To ensure all the salt dissolves, use hot water for mixing (especially if your salt is coarse) and then allow to cool to lukewarm before gargling⁠.
  • Tip your head back and gargle the liquid at the back of your throat for as long as you can handle, then spit out into the sink⁠.
  • Gargle 2-3 times per day⁠.
  • This is even safe for children (over 6 years old)⁠.


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