Should I Take Spirulina In Powder Or Tablets?

This is such a great question, which we hear again and again from Bursters wanting to optimise on the awesome benefits of our Spirulina. So, here’s the scoop👇⁠

Firstly, both our powder and tablets contain exactly the same single ingredient - our 100% pure and Certified Organic Spirulina. 💯Our farm uses a special machine that compresses the Spirulina into tablets without requiring any binders or fillers.⁠

Choose Organic Burst Spirulina Powder for quick absorption and these instant benefits:⁠

  • An energy boost⁠
  • Clearing brain fog⁠
  • Curbing cravings, 1tsp when you feel the craving⁠
  • Preventing overeating, take 1tsp 30mins before a meal⁠
  • Pre-workout to enhance performance⁠
  • Post-workout for faster recovery⁠

Speedy ways to take our Spirulina Powder:⁠

  • 🥛Whizz up a Spirulina Latte and take out with you in your keep cup🥤- 1 cup almond milk, 1tsp Spirulina, 1tsp rice malt syrup. Mix with your Aerolatte electric whisk or shake up in a jar.⁠
  • 🍋Avoid choosing an unhealthy lunch by taking 1tsp Spirulina in a glass of water💧with a squeeze of lemon 30 mins beforehand.⁠
  • 🍹Get an amazing burst of energy with our 4-Ingredient Spirulina Lemonade.⚡️Juice a lemon, whisk with 1-2tsp Spirulina, 6 drops of pure stevia liquid and top up with 500ml sparkling water. Stir and enjoy.⁠

Choose our tablets or powder for long-term results:⁠

  • Raising your iron levels without side effects (e.g. iron tablets often cause constipation).⁠
  • Helping your hair to grow stronger and thicker.⁠
  • Weight loss and blood sugar balancing.⁠
  • Helping concentration, memory and brain power with iron⁠
  • Supporting your immune system with Vitamins B6 and B12⁠

We created our Organic Burst Spirulina Tablets because they’re so convenient when on the go. Perfect for busy, jet-setting folks✈️.⁠

It’s ok if you aren’t a fan of the flavour of Spirulina powder, it doesn’t taste of candy! 🍭However, our customers continuously tell us it’s fresher and doesn't taste nasty or fishy! This is because it’s grown in pure mineral water, not sea water or surface water that can be contaminated. ✊Winner!⁠

👉 Get your pure Spirulina on our website now!

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