Should I take Matcha or Wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass and Matcha are both packed with bright green, energizing chlorophyll – the antioxidant nutrient that helps counteract over-acidity, and can boost energy and weight loss. Plus, they each have their own unique benefits… read on for the details!


  • Weight loss — Matcha contains many polyphenol compounds, including catechins that have been found to improve weight loss. It supports the metabolism and even lowers blood sugar, encouraging the body to use up fat stores.
  • Anxious, sensitive or irritable?Ceremonial Grade Matcha like ours contains high levels of L-theanine, an amazing nutrient that has been found to increase alpha brain waves by up to 75%. This can make you feel calm and settled, while being alert, super productive and creative!
  • Fast energy — Matcha is the perfect replacement for coffee because it provides instant energy, but without the jitters or the crash later on. Matcha contains only 1/3 of the caffeine found in coffee and its effects are cancelled out by L-theanine, so it never makes you anxious or jittery.


  • Clear skin - Wheatgrass nourishes the skin thanks to the chlorophyll that helps to increase blood flow and regeneration of skin cells. It also contains natural Vitamin C that helps produce new collagen. Plus, its fibre is great for the gut, promoting regularity and removal of those breakout-causing toxins and excess hormones.
  • Beat bloatingOur Wheatgrass contains the powdered leaves of the whole plant, rather than dried juice. By retaining the precious fibres, it has incredible benefits for your gut, helping to balance the microbiome and gently sweeping away toxins for a flatter tum.
  • Curb cravings – Wheatgrass gives you a burst of nutrients and fibre that satisfy your body’s needs, so you’re not constantly searching for your next snack. In fact, it helps you totally forget about eating until your next meal.


✅ AAANND you CAN take them both together (we do!)

👉 Ready to give one (or both) a try? Get your Ceremonial Grade Matcha and fresh New Zealand Wheatgrass on our website now.

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