Should I Take Matcha Or Maca?

If you want help with energy, workouts or mood swings, but can’t decide between Matcha or Maca, check out our at-a-glance guide (you CAN by all means have them both together too for combined effects⚡️👏)


Get an instant energy boost from our Ceremonial Grade Matcha that contains high levels of L-theanine, the incredible nutrient that raises alpha brainwaves for focus and alertness - not the jitters like high-caffeine drinks.⁠

Maca can help with stamina and endurance because it is an adaptogenic plant that strengthens the body when under stress (physical and emotional). Organic Burst Maca has such powerful effects because it is grown at high altitudes in Peru, in conditions where few other plants survive.⁠

These awesome energy benefits mean both Matcha and Maca are ideal pre-workout!⁠

Weight loss⁠

Matcha contains many powerful polyphenol compounds, including catechins that have been found to improve weight loss. It supports the metabolism and even lowers blood sugar, leading to reduced insulin surges that cause fat deposits and cravings for sweet food.⁠

Maca can support weight loss because it nourishes the pituitary (our master gland) that regulates our entire hormonal system. When our stress hormones, metabolic hormones (like insulin explained above), and sex hormones are all balanced, cravings disappear and we have more energy.


Matcha is an incredible mood booster thanks to the L-theanine that has been found to increase alpha brain waves by 75%! This means we are more alert, productive and creative. The caffeine levels in Matcha are only 1/3 of the levels in coffee and its effects are cancelled out by L-theanine, so it never makes you anxious or jittery (unlike a lot of green teas).⁠

Maca’s balancing effect on the hormones means it naturally improves mood swings, irritability and anxiety – whether caused by PMS, blood sugar imbalance or stress! Maca makes you feel settled and grounded. Phew!⁠

Can’t decide?

You can have them together in a delicious Maca Matcha 🍵 Latte (as loved by many Bursters🥰)

💕 Get your Maca and Matcha on our website now!

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