Should I take Chlorella or Wheatgrass?

We are in love with both of these powerful super-greens. If you want clearer skin and a happy tummy, they seriously work wonders. But let’s get down to which one would work best for you and why:⁠


Chlorella is proven to grab toxins in the body and help eliminate them. It supports our own detoxification organs in dealing with alcohol, coffee, pesticides in food, pollution and even excess hormones. 

#Tip: If you suffer from an oestrogen-dominant condition like endometriosis, helping the liver and bowel clear excess oestrogen is very helpful.⁠

    Undereye bags

    As explained above, Chlorella gets rid of those pesky toxins that cause dark circles, puffiness and bags under the eyes. It’s super-popular amongst our Bursters for this.⁠


    Processed foods, alcohol, sugar, coffee create a high acid load in our bodies, this can cause symptoms including fatigue, anxiety and muscle cramps.

    Wheatgrass is a rich source of chlorophyll that is powerfully alkalising, to help preserve mineral loss from bones, and stop the kidney being overworked.⁠

    Clear skin

    Both greens are excellent for the skin.

    Chlorella’s detox powers prevent toxins causing flare-ups and Wheatgrass contains Vitamins A and C to aid regeneration of skin cells and help produce collagen to fade out redness, dark spots and scars from pimples.⁠

    Flat tummy

    Both Bursts can help you in your flat tummy quest!

    Chlorella helps to rebalance healthy gut bacteria, that can reduce fluid retention and prevent irritation in the gut.

    Our Wheatgrass is the powdered leaves (rather than juice) which means precious fibres help to keep your bowels moving regularly! Take Wheatgrass ½ hr before meals to prevent cravings and overeating for weight loss too.⁠

    Fast growing hair

    Chlorella helps to grow thicker, healthy, shiny hair fast! It contains biotin and copper that are vital nutrients for gorgeous hair. Swish!⁠ 💫


    ✅ AAANND you CAN take them both together (we do!)⁠

    Ready to give one or both of these a try?
    👉 You can get your clean Chlorella and wonderful Wheatgrass here!

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