Should I Take Chlorella Or Biotin Hair Supplements?

If you’ve got hair that’s falling out, slow to grow, thin or breaking it’s worth looking at reasons this might be happening before picking a supplement.

Nutrient deficiencies

You need iron, zinc, biotin, copper and Vitamin B12 for longer, thicker hair. Taking our Chlorella daily can top you up in all these naturally. Biotin is popular as it helps strengthen the keratin in hair, helping it break less. However, deficiency is not common (unlike iron deficiency!), so this is not a guaranteed reason for hair troubles.

Toxins that trigger hormonal changes

Daily exposure to toxins such as xenoestrogens (e.g. plastics or parabens in hair and body care products), heavy metals, dioxins and pesticides in food can cause hormonal changes, inflammation and irritation that result in thinning hair and balding spots.

Chlorella is proven to support our detoxification organs in eliminating these toxins effectively – getting to the root cause of many hair problems.

Digestive and absorption issues

If your gut bacteria is imbalanced, you may not be absorbing the nutrients you need for gorgeous, thick hair. Organic Burst Chlorella helps to balance gut bacteria for better digestion and absorption.

As a natural whole food that’s grown in clean and pure conditions, minimally treated and contains zero additives, our Chlorella is easy on the tummy and it gets to work fast!

Biotin supplements are made in the lab and our bodies can have trouble digesting and assimilating the nutrients – especially those in tablet form with coatings, or containing binders, fillers, preservatives and other unwanted chemical additives.

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