Not All Chlorella Is Made Equal

This is such an important myth to bust. Put simply, contaminated Chlorella would do more harm than good for your body, wasting your valuable time, energy and money.⁠⠀

Chlorella is known to draw toxins from the body – grabbing them and helping your system eliminate them via the bowel. So, it makes sense that the same amazing algae absorbs all toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides from the environment where it is grown!⁠

This is why you have to be ultra-careful to choose a product that is grown in a pure environment, far from industry and non-organic farming. ☠️⁠⠀

Organic Burst Chlorella is known for its purity💧- grown in mineral-rich spring water on a beautiful organic farm in Southern Taiwan, surrounded by rainforests and protected National Parks. It’s free from heavy metals and bacterial contamination. We know this for sure because we test at each stage of production.⁠

Unlike Chlorella that’s cultivated in sea or surface water, the taste of ours is never fishy, and its colour is a fresh, deep green. When Chlorella is grown in China, there is a much higher risk of exposure to pollution and it simply won’t taste as pure.⁠

If you choose our tablets, they have absolutely zero additives – they simply consist of Chlorella pressed into shape by a small machine. Without binders and fillers, they are super easy on your digestion and get to work fast.⁠

To maximise the effect of our Chlorella, we use a patented process of gently cracking its tough cell wall using low-pressure, releasing x2 more nutrients! Some other Chlorella products use harsher mechanical grinding methods using glass balls, which can lead to oxidation of the Chlorella and potentially residues of glass in the product.⁠ 

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