Low Sex Drive? Maca Can Help Boost Your Libido

Not in the mood? Low libido is extremely common thanks to the stress of busy lifestyles, juggling career, family, fitness, social life, as well as other hormonal disruptions.⁠ 🙈⁠

But good news: Maca increases sexual desire and has been used for both female and male fertility in Peru for thousands of years – it’s traditionally given to newlyweds because of its aphrodisiac effects. Alrighty then! ⁠☺️⁠

In more recent years, studies have proven its sexual desire-boosting properties. A 2008 study done on mostly women aged 23-49 found significant improvements to libido and sexual dysfunction. (CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics)⁠

Another study on male cyclists taking 2g of Maca (less than 1tsp) for 14 days resulted in a significant improvement in their sexual desire compared to those taking the placebo. (Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2009)⁠

Low libido is often a result of insufficient sex hormones (namely testosterone and oestrogen) which can be caused by stress, when our bodies prioritise making the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. By stimulating and nourishing our pituitary gland, Maca can help to produce hormones at the levels needed for your body 💯

Hear from our happy Burster @jessiimonsta

“I really feel like it has helped balanced my hormones, given me more energy, and brought back my libido”⁠

However, not all Maca is created equal:⁠

Organic Burst Maca is an authentic Peruvian preparation and a mix of 4 Maca plant varieties grown at altitudes of 14,000+ ft above sea level, in dark black soil - required for powerful & effective Maca and to develop its caramel, malty notes.⁠

How to:⁠

  • Take 1 serving daily (1tsp or x4 capsules) – consistency means faster results!
  • You can add the powder to your porridges, yoghurts, smoothies, bowls, soups, dips or mix with a milk of your choice for a delicious Maca Latte!⁠
  • After 1-2 weeks of taking Maca daily you can either continue with this serving or build up to 2-3 servings depending on what you feel you may need.⁠

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