Latest Studies Find: Spirulina Can Boost Immune System Response To Viral Infections

A study published last month in the journal Progress in Cardiovascular Disease (2020) revealed that phycocyanobilin (PCB), a compound in Spirulina, can boost the body’s response to viruses✊.⁠

⁠The study is in fact entitled “Nutraceuticals have potential for boosting the type 1 interferon response to RNA viruses including influenza and coronavirus” and reveals incredible and very timely findings about Spirulina.⁠

Researchers observed “profound antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects” and explained that the PCB converts in the body to a compound that has a role in the immune system and “may have potential for boosting type 1 interferon response in the context of RNA virus infection”⚡️.⁠ ⁠

Type 1 interferons are immune cells that are antimicrobial, their role is to help prevent further spread of a virus to neighbouring cells and to activate the body’s innate system of killing off infection💥. We definitely want to be boosting these!⁠

However, not all Spirulina is created equal…⁠

⁠For immune system support, it’s particularly important to ensure you choose a very clean source of Spirulina like ours - which is grown in pure mineral water💧 and tested free from toxins including heavy metals, chemical fertilisers and algal toxins💯.⁠ ⁠

How to:⁠

  • Start off with 2 servings of our pure powder or easy tablets daily to give your body extra nourishment during the pandemic⁠

  • Stir powder into water with a squeeze of lemon, or add to your smoothie⁠

  • Keep a pouch with you in your bag or desk drawer so as not to forget⁠

  • If you’re sick or have been near someone who is, increase your dose to 5x servings daily⁠

N.B. This information isn’t intended to claim Spirulina can cure, treat or prevent the coronavirus. Do support your immune system with other foods and lifestyle measures.⁠

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