Heavy Metal Detox With Turmeric & Chlorella

Toxicity from heavy metals can build up over time and can cause brain fog, headaches, skin issues, and is a factor in the development of certain degenerative diseases. Clinical therapies to remove them can have side effects, but this is a super-safe and easy way to help at home!

Turmeric can bind to heavy metals and increase protection against their negative effects. Chlorella catches toxins and removes them from the gut, while boosting natural detoxification. Take both daily to clear heavy metals.

Where do heavy metals come from?

Common sources of metals like fluoride, lead, copper and cadmium, include:

  • Non-organic food (contains pesticides)

  • Amalgam and mercury tooth fillings

  • Cigarette smoke

  • Fish, particularly farmed

  • Medications, including cancer treatments

Turmeric is packed with powerful antioxidants that are proven to chelate with metals in the body and combat the free radical damage they cause. Studies found these specific effects of curcumin (a powerful compound in Turmeric) to improve memory in Alzheimer’s patients! (Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology, 2008)

The liver is our primary detoxification organ, and Turmeric can boost bile flow (to package up and remove toxins). Curcumin was found to enhance antioxidant and phase II liver enzymes in a study published in Pharmacology Toxicology, 2003.

Chlorella algae is known for supporting our detoxification organs - the liver, kidneys, gut and skin (that’s why we continuously hear how our Chlorella is helping clear our Bursters’ skin!).

Chlorella has been shown to bind with a variety of heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury and aluminium.

Buuut… It’s vital to choose well

Our Turmeric is extra powerful, with up to 5.1% curcumin content (the average is only 1.51%) to deliver mightier effects, quicker. It is also free from the harmful toxic azo dye Metanil Yellow. Phew!

Chlorella absorbs toxins from the soil, so always go for organic and ensure it's tested and confirmed free from heavy metals and other toxins - like ours 😁!

How to take

Take 1-2tsp Organic Burst Chlorella per day in lemon water or added to a green juice, smoothie or go for our pure tablets – 4-8 daily.

Add 1-2tsp Organic Burst Turmeric to a plant mylk latte, mixed into food like hummus or choose our veggie capsules 4-8 daily.

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