The Best Superfoods For Pets

If you want to see your pet bounce around like they’re one again, with healthy skin, a glossy coat and happy tummy, these are our top choices to help give your little companions a big boost!


Our Chlorella has a cracked cell wall, releasing 2x more nutrients, which include iron, Vitamin B6 and B12, biotin and copper that nourish the skin and encourage softer, shinier fur growth.

It can detox heavy metals from processed pet food, pollution and medications. Plus, it helps digestion and gut bacteria which can combat smelly breath and farts!⁠


Organic Burst Spirulina is grown in pure spring water and is guaranteed free from microcystins and other toxins.

It is super for healthy skin, claws and immune systems. The highly-absorbable B Vitamins and protein are one reason why our Burster’s pets have bags of energy and act like puppies/kittens again.⁠


Our Sri Lankan heirloom Turmeric is especially high in curcumin, a powerful compound that can help calm an overreaction of the immune system, so is perfect if your furry friend has skin irritations and allergies.

Pain and lameness are also usually caused by inflammation, where the immune system is in overdrive. Curcumin has been found to calm the immune system and reduce joint pain.⁠


Organic Burst Wheatgrass adds precious fibre to your pet’s food, helping with gassiness and healthy bowel movements.

Packed with bright green chlorophyll (a powerful antioxidant), our Wheatgrass can help against free radical damage that can lead to premature ageing and degenerative ailments.⁠

Hear what other Bursters have experienced...

"...ever since Chlorella he hasn't had ANY diarrhea at all!!!!! The doctor was very surprised when he saw his blood work results! He has excellent kidney and liver function at age 11."
- Ailee (@ailee1211)

"After many years of stomach issues with Bella, finally I found the solution! Organic Burst Wheatgrass! One teaspoon of this treasure and your pet's upset stomach is healed!!"
- @riovi_photography

"I give it [Turmeric] to my dogs for arthritis and also take it myself for arthritis"
- Suzie (@suzieq112)

"He [my dog] has had horrible skin allergies his whole life, and we have tried absolutely everything to help him! It had gotten so bad that he did not have any hair on his back at all, and he was itchy all the time! Well, he's only been on it [Chlorella] for 2 weeks, and his skin is looking beautiful! All of his hair is coming back, and his skin is so soft!"
- Jen Robinson-Steipp (@jenrobinsonsteipp)

How to and how much:

  • Give the tablets as treats – they love them! Or sprinkle powders on their food. If you have the capsules, simply open them up and tip out the contents.⁠ 
  • Start on ¼ daily serving then build up according to your pet’s size (see below) and what they may need at the time.
  • Small dogs and cats: ¼ tsp or 1 tablet/opened capsule⁠ 
  • Medium dogs: ½ tsp or 2 tablets/opened capsules⁠ 
  • Large dogs: 1-2 tsp or 4-8 tablets/opened capsules⁠

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