A powerful alternative to migraine medication, with ZERO side effects

Headaches can pop up out of nowhere, but also after alcohol, when your period is due, from stressful meetings or even changes in the weather! If you’re a sufferer, Ginger is a time-honoured hack that is backed up by science.⁠

A 2013 double-blinded randomized clinical trial showed just how good Ginger is against headaches:⁠

  • Researchers gave 50 sufferers a common migraine medication and the other 50 participants received 250mg (=less than 1 of our capsules) ginger powder daily.⁠
  • Ginger was found to be just as effective as the drug, but crucially did not display the same adverse side effects.⁠
  • Both the medication and the Ginger powder resulted in significantly decreasing severity of headaches within 2 hours of taking. (Phytotherapy Research)⁠

Remember, not all Ginger is created equal:⁠

  • It is sadly a common practice to bulk out Ginger powder with cheap flour that is not stated on the label – this even happens with organic products. Our Ginger is always 100% pure and unadulterated, also free from any fillers or anti-caking agents.⁠
  • Organic Burst's pure, authentic Ginger is grown organically by small-scale family farmers in Sri Lanka where the perfect combination of heat, sunlight, rainfall and humidity grows the best Ginger! ⁠

How to & other helpers:⁠

  • Have 1 serving (4 capsules) Organic Burst Ginger on the onset of a headache. If needed, take an extra dose – unlike medications, Ginger is a food, so it’s not harmful when you increase your intake (but do listen to your body, slow down if you feel you’ve had enough).⁠
  • You can take Ginger daily to help with headaches and numerous other benefits including for indigestion, weight loss and menstrual cramps.⁠
  • Fresh sliced Ginger or Ginger tea is a delicious addition to your headache arsenal, however it may not be as effective as the more concentrated, pure powder.⁠
  • Boost the effects by using Organic Burst Turmeric that has also been found to knock headaches on the head!!⁠
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