6 Yoga Poses For Better Sex

These yoga poses could transform your sex life especially if you sometimes find sex physically uncomfortable, have difficulty getting in the mood, or want to try some more exciting positions πŸ˜‰.⁠

  • Bridge πŸ’• – works the pelvic floor, which can prevent pain during intercourse. The β€˜hammock’ of muscles between our butt and front of pelvis need to be in shape for sex to feel good and achieve stronger orgasms!⁠
  • Happy Baby πŸ’• – is a fun pose that can melt away stress and release tension in the Sacral Chakra, which is linked to pleasure, intimacy and relationships.⁠
  • Child’s Pose πŸ’• – is a simple way to find relaxation as any tension or anxiety will pour cold water over your sexual desire. It also opens up the hips, that will help with getting into more sexual positions!⁠
  • Cobbler Pose πŸ’• – stretches the inner thighs, groin and pelvic floor. Stimulating the lower abdominal organs (including the prostate for men and vagina and uterus for women) with increased blood flow means you can get more enjoyment during sex.⁠
  • Cat-Cow πŸ’• – improves flexibility of the spine and provides a gentle massage and stretch for the back and abdomen. This is fantastic for relieving stress – the libido crusher.⁠
  • Pigeon πŸ’• – is great for letting go of tightness in the hips, whether this is from sitting too much, or from feelings of fear and anxiety that are known to be stored in this area (as well as our shoulders). Releasing tension here makes for an open and intimate sexual experience. Plus, being able to straddle more easily means more fun. Just saying πŸ˜‰β 

How to and other helpers

  • Use an online video, yoga site or your own teacher to help you get the techniques down.⁠
  • Practice the poses 3-4 times per week.⁠
  • Hold poses for 5-10 full breaths. You can build a longer, deeper stretch of several minutes if it feels good.⁠
  • All the poses are great for both women and men.⁠
  • Maca has been found in studies to improve libido and sexual dysfunction. Try 1-2 servings Organic Burst Maca daily.⁠

Be sure to check in with your healthcare practitioner if you have any concerns about trying these out πŸ’•

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