5 Reasons To Use Chlorella For Hair Growth

Why won’t my hair grow long, thick and healthy? Common reasons are: chemical exposure, hormonal imbalance, nutrient deficiencies, digestion and absorption issues. Organic Burst Chlorella is an incredible hair food – it helps tackle every one of these root causes.


Daily exposure to toxins from hair and body care products, plastics, the water supply, and pesticides in food can cause hormonal changes and inflammation that results in thinning hair and balding spots. Chlorella supports our detoxification organs in eliminating toxins effectively.⁠


Biotin is famous for hair growth as it helps the body metabolise keratin, the building material of hair. We only need small amounts, but a natural source of biotin such as from our Chlorella daily could make a big difference!⁠

Iron and zinc

Iron and zinc are both essential for hair growth and deficiencies are a major cause of hair loss. Our hair follicles store ferritin (a blood protein that contains iron) ready to be used during the growth cycles. When we are deficient in iron, it is taken from these stores and given to more essential parts of the body, such as the heart! This is a common reason why hair sheds before reaching maximum length.⁠

☝️Organic Burst Chlorella is a bioavailable source of iron and zinc. Plus, our patented process of gently cracking the tough cell wall using low-pressure, releases x2 more nutrients!⁠

Promotes good gut bacteria

Our pure Chlorella boosts good bacteria in the gut, which help break down food better and produce enzymes that power-up digestion! This helps to maximize nutrient absorption from food, to optimize hair growth.⁠

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps our bodies make red blood cells – responsible for delivering oxygen to our tissues, including hair follicles. If we’re deficient, follicles will stop functioning well and hair may start to fall out. Our Chlorella contains ‘true’ Vitamin B12 and has helped raise levels in many of our plant-based Bursters.⁠

👉 For even more hair growth benefits we recommend taking Chlorella with our Spirulina, Turmeric and Maca - that form the Heavenly Hair Bundle (at 10% off now).⁠

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