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The legendary superspice for immune support, relieving indigestion and bloating, easing menstrual cramps and headaches.

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Balanced Blood Sugar

When your blood sugar levels rocket up and down, often thanks to fast carbs, coffee or sugary food, it causes big surges of insulin. This encourages your body to store belly fat and throws your hormones out of whack.

In a study published in the Journal of Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders (2019), participants who took 2g of ginger (equal to 5 capsules) per day had significantly improved sensitivity to insulin.

To help keep your blood sugar levels balanced, take 4-8 capsules daily.

Ease Period Cramps

The misery of monthly cramps, not to mention the associated nausea, can seriously impact quality of life. Studies showed ginger can really help.

Ginger was found to be as effective as medications in relieving pain - according to a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (2009) where women were given 1g (equal to 2.5 capsules) ginger daily for 3 days, starting on the first day of their period.

In another study, 83% of women who took ginger not only had decreased pain but also an improvement in nausea (Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association, 2013).

For optimal results, start with 1 serving (4 capsules) daily a few days before your period and continue throughout. If needed, increase to 2 daily servings (8 capsules).

Headache Relief Without Side Effects

The effect of ginger on pain has been documented for years, and in a fascinating scientific study of headache sufferers, taking just 250mg ginger (less than 1 of our capsules) was found to be just as effective as a common migraine drug it was being tested against + without any side effects (Phytotherapy Research, 2013)!

Get Control of Cholesterol

Ginger could help you improve your cholesterol levels because it has a lowering effect on the dangerous LDL cholesterol.

In a study of patients with high cholesterol, those taking 3g ginger daily (equal to 7.5 capsules) showed significant improvements in cholesterol, both lowering LDL and increasing the levels of healthy HDL cholesterol (Saudi Medical Journal, 2008).

Support your cholesterol levels with x8 capsules daily.

Digestive Aid

If you regularly feel full and heavy after a meal, Ginger could be the answer to helping sluggish digestion along.

In a 2011 study, indigestion sufferers were given 1.2g (equal to 3 capsules) on an empty stomach, 1 hr before eating and researchers monitored the speed of their stomach emptying and the stomach contractions. Ginger was shown to stimulate and increase speed of digestion by almost 25% compared to the placebo group (World Journal of Gastroenterology, 2011).

Have 1 serving (4 capsules) with, or up to 1 hour before, large meals.

Boost Your Defences

Ginger has long been used to support the body in dealing with bacterial and viral infections. Its compounds have demonstrated inhibitory activity against several serious viruses (Die Pharmazie, 2006).

One of the reasons ginger is so helpful for tummy troubles is that it can eradicate Helicobacter pylori – a common bacterial infection that attacks the digestive system.

In a 2019 study, people with the infection and associated stomach symptoms took 3g (equal to 7.5 capsules) ginger daily - after 4 weeks over 50% of the group were free of H. pylori and showed significant improvements in symptoms (Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 2019).

Have 1-2 servings (4-8 capsules) daily to support your immune system.

Tackle Bad Breath

H. pylori bacteria in the stomach has a strong link to halitosis (bad breath) - as well as other symptoms including indigestion and cramps.

Ginger’s powerful effect against H. pylori in the stomach can result in fresher breath. A study published in the journal Medical Principles and Practice (2007) found that treatment of Helicobacter pylori led to sustained resolution of halitosis.

Take 1-2 servings (4-8 capsules) daily to help get rid of this nasty bad breath bug!

Beat Energy Slumps

If you feel zapped of energy mid-afternoon or after eating, Ginger can help keep your energy levels steady all day.

Ginger has been found to improve insulin sensitivity (Journal of Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders, 2019). This means your body can use and store energy from food efficiently, side-stepping the slump.

Take 1-2 servings (4-8 capsules) daily.

Naturally Relieves Nausea and Morning Sickness

The incredible anti-sickness benefits of ginger are world renowned, especially for all the pregnant ladies out there!

A study on pregnant women suffering nausea and vomiting found that the group who took 1g ginger daily (equal to 2.5 capsules) had an 85% rate of improvement in their symptoms. The number of times they vomited decreased by 50% vs. 9% in the placebo group (The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 2009).

Ginger has also been found to relieve nausea from other causes, e.g. chemotherapy (Supportive Care in Cancer, 2011).

Have 1 serving (4 capsules) daily. If needed, increase to 2 servings (8 capsules).

Lose Weight More Easily

There is a wealth of evidence for ginger helping with weight loss, particularly if you have metabolic issues (fat around the middle, insulin resistance, raised cholesterol).

In a 2019 study, participants were given 2g (equivalent of 5 capsules) ginger per day or a placebo - for 12 weeks. The ginger group showed significant reductions in both weight and waist circumference.

Have 1-2 servings (4-8 capsules) daily.

Relieve High Stomach Acidity Naturally

Anti-acids can negatively impact protein digestion (leading to knock on effects in the intestine such as bloating and inflammation), and reduce your defence against dangerous bacteria and other microbes.

A compound in ginger was shown to reduce acid in one study 6-8 times more effectively than acid blocking medications and its natural enzymes help to break down protein and protect against risk of infection (Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, 2007).

Ease Bloating, Cramps and Tummy Issues

Famous for helping tummy troubles, ginger benefits the whole digestive tract. It has been shown in a recent study to improve symptoms including bloating as well as stomach cramps and upsets.

The study used 2g (equal to 5 capsules) daily for 12 weeks and concluded that ginger significantly increased the patients’ quality of life (Complementary Therapies in Medicine, 2019).

Have 1-2 servings (4-8 capsules) daily. For optimal results have 1 hr before a meal.

Recover Faster After Exercise

Ginger is packed with antioxidants that are incredibly helpful if you love to push your fitness goals. When we exercise hard, our bodies naturally produce lots of free radicals that need to be neutralised to ensure a less painful recovery.

In a study from 2015, a group of healthy females were given 2g ginger (equivalent to 5 capsules) 1 hr before exercise. They showed significant improvement in recovery (Medical Journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran).

Take 1-2 servings before your workout.

What makes our Ginger so Special

As with all the Bursts, we always strive to simply bring you the best of the best 😊. Apart from all the powerful benefits above, here are some more things that make our Ginger stand out.

Unadulterated & 100% Pure Ginger

Our Ginger is the real deal - 100% pure dried Ginger powder in a plant-based capsule (not gelatine!).

A common problem with ginger is that it can be adulterated with cheaper flour, to bulk it out, which will not be reported on the label - many growers and suppliers around the world are sadly just not trustworthy. This can even happen with organic products. Not ours 🙌!

Many capsules and tablets contain additives including maltodextrin, bulking agents such as microcrystalline cellulose and anti-caking agents like magnesium stearate.

These are often needed for mass produced supplements to stop machines clogging up. We avoid all additives since they do not benefit your body and may potentially cause harm.

Authentic Sri Lankan Ginger

There’s no better place to cultivate superior Ginger!

Sri Lanka is known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. It has the perfect combination of heat, sunlight, rainfall and humidity for growing Ginger of the highest quality.

Regular store-bought gingers are usually sourced from countries that are known for mass-production and industry such as India, Nigeria and China.

Grown With Love

Our Ginger is grown organically on a small scale within local communities of family growers in Sri Lanka.

This means we don’t use chemicals such as synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. So, you get perfectly pure Ginger without polluting the environment, water supply or soil – keeping the surroundings stunning!

As with all our products, our Ginger is Certified Organic in the UK by the Soil Association – famous for their strict organic standards.

Free From Nasties

We ensure that our Ginger is never contaminated. It is grown in a pure rural environment in tropical Sri Lanka, organically without the use of toxic chemicals and far away from any pollution.

It is also independently lab-tested for purity, ensuring it’s always free from heavy metal, mold, yeast and harmful bacteria contamination, as well as free from hundreds of pesticide residues that can be common in regular ginger products.

How & When To Take Your Ginger?

With a glass of water or any drink

Simply take 1-2 servings (4-8 capsules) with a glass of water or any drink!

When is best to have my Ginger?

The most important thing is consistency! Take your Ginger capsules daily - don’t worry whether it's in the morning, afternoon or evening.

However, if you want to go Pro, you can optimise when you take them. Check out the benefits above for more details on how to take your Ginger capsules for specific goals!

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