Chaga Extract

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Chaga, the King of Medicinal Mushrooms, boosts your immune system, fights fatigue, soothes digestion & combats skin ageing.

Our Golden Birch Chaga is a powerful full spectrum extract. Picked in remote Canadian woodlands and extracted in the USA.

The Chaga is so good. My boyfriend gifted the tablets for Christmas. After covid, energy levels were so low! As a teacher energy is a must, they’ve worked wonders and I’m back, feeling AMAZING.”

Zakiya @dharsi_wellness

Here's Why You'll Love It

Keeping Your Cells Healthy & Stopping Cell Mutation

Compounds in Chaga have been shown in studies to stop cells mutating and to display strong antioxidant activity (Mutation Research, 2009).

In a 2014 study, researchers found that Chaga extract can inhibit the growth of human tumor cells (International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms)!

Immune System Booster

Chaga contains powerful elements that can increase the production of immune cells. Its active polysaccharides (special carbohydrates including beta-glucans) and ergosterol are known to stimulate immune activity.

Additionally, a Russian study from 2015 found Chaga to have an antiviral effect against HIV-1 (Voprosy Virusologii).

Huge stress reducer for me”


Beautiful, Youthful Skin

Chaga can help keep your skin youthful. In a 2011 study published in the journal Molecular Cell, researchers found Chaga had a protective effect on human skin cells against free radicals.

It suppressed wrinkles and skin thickening associated with UV damage.

The powerful pigment melanin, plus other compounds in Chaga, have been studied for their ability to even the skin tone (Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2014).

Resist the Effects of Stress

Chaga helps get you back into balance when the ‘fight or flight’ response is triggered. Its high quantity of the powerful antioxidant SOD helps the body adapt and reduces the negative long term effects of stress such as fatigue and high blood pressure.

I can almost feel the stress melting away as I drink [Chaga and Matcha].... I discovered Organic Burst while in college and I’ve loved it ever since! Always recommending this company to friends, coworkers, and even patients at work!”


Blood Sugar Balancing

Keeping sugar levels in the blood steady helps combat moodiness, energy slumps and hormonal imbalances.

A 2010 study found that Chaga mushroom extract showed significant blood sugar lowering effects. The extract was found to have antioxidant activity, protecting cells that produce insulin (the hormone that lowers blood sugar) from free radicals.

Fights Fatigue

Get higher energy and endurance levels, while reducing the need for snacks.

Chaga was found to be effective against fatigue in a study published in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2015). It was shown to increase energy reserves and decrease lactic acid.

I replaced coffee with these two and I can’t be more focused at work, no more energy crashes unlike coffee! These two saved my life (I’m no more late to work waiting in coffee drive through😂) and saved my wallet lol. Wow @organicburst I never knew you would be changing lives 😍😍❤️”

Deepika @poshcake_18

Calms the Digestive System

Bloating, fluid retention, cramping and other digestive discomfort can all be signs that an ongoing immune response is taking place in the gut.

Chaga has been shown to down-regulate this irritation of the gut lining (The Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2012) to help you feel much more comfortable.

Liver Support

The liver can become overloaded with toxins including pesticides, preservatives, plastics and additives in food and cosmetics, along with pollution, alcohol and other sources.

Our Chaga contains phenomenal levels of antioxidants, including superoxide dismutase (SOD) and betulin that support the liver.

A 2019 study found the polysaccharide in Chaga mushroom extract to be protective of the liver against a common human parasite (International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2019).

Chaga works so well for me in the morning when I need to wake up & get stuff done.”

Kayleigh @raynafire

What makes our Chaga so Unique

Wild Chaga From The Golden Birches Of Canada

Our Chaga is 100% wild harvested from a particular hardwood variety of birch tree known as The Golden Birch - native to the northeast of North America.

We carefully select Golden Birch trees for harvesting our Chaga that are in their prime - 120-150 years old - meaning they’re strong and nutrient dense (the Golden Birch can live 350 years).

Our Chaga is never collected from ironwood birches, white birches, very young trees or worse, fallen, dead or decaying trees. This makes our particular Golden Birch Chaga exceptionally powerful and nutrient-dense.

A Potent Full Spectrum Extract

Our Chaga undergoes a number of steps involving various different methods for optimum extraction of nutrients.

It’s known as a ‘Full Spectrum Extract’ because the method allows us to gain the entire range of beneficial compounds from the Chaga.

The most important compounds of Chaga are found in its tough black outer layers and are impossible to absorb by the body, but our extraction makes them fully bioavailable.

Mature Chaga - Aged 50-100 Years Old

Chaga is very hard to find in the forest, being only located by experienced experts.

It only grows on certain trees and at a very slow rate of just 1.5 lbs / 650 grams per year.

We’re very specific to only harvest Chaga that has been growing for 50-100 years - this means it’s been absorbing nutrients from the tree for a very long period of time, making it not only rare, but extra potent.

No Added Dextrin

Many mushroom extracts contain dextrin, an additive to aid in its processing - we never use dextrin.

Dextrin is also often used to adulterate mushroom extracts as it gives a false positive reading of “high” polysaccharides (beneficial compounds in mushrooms) making the particular extract look more beneficial than it really is.

Harsh Weather Produces Powerful Chaga

To live, survive and thrive in the extreme weather conditions of these northern territories, you need thick skin, a strong character and a lot of courage... and that not only applies to humans but to everything out here.

Chaga is no exception, it survives the cold of -47f / -44c and painful wind chill by pumping itself full of nutrients, enabling it to live for over 100 years!

A Unique Meteorological Phenomenon Creates Our Perfect Chaga

Our Chaga is all collected from deep within the crisp Great Lakes St. Lawrence Forest. These lush woodlands are uninhabited and untouched - you could hike for miles without seeing another human being.

That also means that there is no industry close by, the air is unpolluted and the water and rains pure.

The Great Lakes also offer a unique environmental situation known amongst experts as the “Lake Effect” - a meteorological phenomenon where warm moist air rises from the lakes, mixes with cold dry air overhead to create a special kind of mist and humidity which is ideal for the perfect Chaga to thrive!

Expert Local Harvesters Preserving The Forests

All our Chaga harvesters are locals and are all educated in Forestry - the science and craft of managing, planting, conserving and repairing forests.

They have even developed a special system and set of climbing gear and techniques for easier and safer Chaga collection without damaging the beautiful trees. Smarties!

They also never collect all the Chaga from a single tree which could cause the tree harm - they leave enough Chaga for the symbiotic relationship between tree and mushroom to continue for many more years to come.

How & when to take your Chaga?

With a glass of water or any drink

Simply take 1 serving (2 capsules or 1/2 tsp).

When is best to have my Chaga?

The most important thing is consistency! Take your Chaga daily - don’t worry whether it's in the morning, afternoon or evening.

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