Taking Maca In The Morning vs Evening

There’s a common belief that Maca should only be taken in the morning for energy and stamina. But no, it’s also perfect in the evenings when it has the opposite effect! As it is an adaptogen, not a stimulant, Maca brings the body back into balance ⚖️.

Morning benefits ☀️

Maca nourishes the adrenal glands, helping you produce the natural cortisol surge we have in the mornings, so rising early isn’t as painful! Unlike coffee, Maca doesn’t deplete the body’s nutrient stores, and the energy boost does not dramatically drop later on.

Regularly taking Maca supports the adrenal glands, normalising stress hormone levels, which allows your body to secrete other hormones in the right amounts. We hear constantly from our Bursters how it improves menstrual symptoms, moods, and sex drive in both men and women.

How to:

If you’re a morning gym bunny, Maca is perfect pre-workout. Take 4x capsules or whizz 1tsp into your smoothie – it’s amazing with bananas!

“Maca roots! Mix it in chia pudding for a great energy boost. I take it this way as pre-workout and can really feel the difference!”
@_hiitandrun on Instagram

Night time benefits 🌃

Sadly, many of us are chronically stressed and produce excessive levels of stress hormones into the night that prevent restful sleep. Now this is the cool bit, Maca does not have a one-directional action, its adaptogenic properties mean it can help to reduce cortisol where it is too high in the evening.

Maca can help you feel calm and grounded after a long day, and over time, can help normalise your sleep rhythm.

How to:

Stressful day? Mix 1tsp Maca, 1tsp vanilla extract and a dash of maple syrup into a warm cup of plant mylk for an instantly relaxing drink.

“I've suffered anxiety most of my life, and sleep is one of the most difficult things to usher in at night. I absolutely love having a warm mug of Maca almond coconut milk (w/ a dash of maple syrup) just before bed... It calms me down and helps me sleep”
Penny Yeung on Facebook

Not all Maca is equal

Organic Burst Maca is an authentic Peruvian preparation and a mix of 4 Maca plant varieties 💎 grown at altitudes of 14,000+ ft above sea level, in dark black soil - required for powerful & effective Maca and to develop its caramel, malty notes.

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